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Ceece's Journal

15th November, 2014. 6:58 pm. I Got In!!!

I went to the mailbox yesterday, not thinking much about getting a letter from Bishop just yet. I thought it was coming sometime next week, but in the mailbox was a large envelope from Bishop, my heart jumped for a second. The envelope had an address from the main campus, not central where the nursing department is located. I assumed it was just some random information about registration. Well, I started to read the first line of the letter that was enclosed, it then hit me that it was indeed from the nursing department. I GOT IN!!! So, in January I start the evening classes of the associated nursing program.

OK, I'm suppose to be working on my discussion questions for Art and History, and the article for Anatomy/Physiology, and studying for my test for that class coming up Tuesday, ugggh. I really need to stop procrastinating.

Oh and Trenton is so sick. Poor baby can't even keep water down. If he's not better by tomorrow then I'll have to take him to the ER.

Current mood: anxious.

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20th September, 2011. 10:29 pm.

While holding Kendra and looking into the mirror, she waved for the first time. I thought it was just a fluke, so I sat her down and waved to her and she waved back. :) Now she waves when someone waves at her.

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30th August, 2011. 9:52 pm. Just keeps going.

Kendra just pulled herself up to standing position using the sofa for the first time.

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30th August, 2011. 9:20 pm. Still a Long Day

Head hurts; Watching America's Got Talent; Kendra crawling around trying to get into everything; Trenton in bed; Jon about to wake up and get ready for work.

Oh great, Kendra just threw up on the floor and is trying to play with it.

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16th August, 2011. 7:21 pm. Ohh the Goodwill

Yesterday was Tre's first day of 3k. Now they say everything went fine. He slept for only twenty minutes and ate half of mac cheese and ham meal. Then today, the director tells me how about all the things I'm doing wrong. It hit me hard, now Jon and I both have to try harder. No more playpens, high chairs, letting him throw things around or not helping him feed himself.

I got Diva's ears pierced yesterday. I was thinking she was going to scream bloody murder, but no. She did one of those silent cries and let out a few whimpers and that was it. 

Diva also learned to fully crawl this weekend, not just scoot around.

Current mood: intimidated.

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29th December, 2010. 2:08 pm. 3 Weeks Already

 Wow!!! Time really does fly, my little one is already three weeks old. Now, if she would just get a better night time routine. Last night she was up to about 3:15, and then woke back up at about 4:30 thinking I was was to pick her up. I just rocked her bassinet and thank goodness she went back to sleep, but that didn't matter too much because by 6 it was time for her to eat again, and that's a 45 -50 minute routine. Now she's laying on my chest sleep, like she has worked all night.  Well, I guess she has, she worked at keeping me awake half of the night.

Current mood: tired.

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21st December, 2010. 12:07 pm. He's Going Back to Work

Jonathan has been off for the past 2 weeks and has been taking care of Trenton, but tonight he's going back to work. That SUCKS, it''s going to be my first evening having to take care of both kids.

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9th December, 2010. 11:49 am. Kendra's Birth Story

At my 37 week appointment last Tuesday the OB did a check and my cervix was high and closed. 2 days later I noticed I was starting to lose my mucus plug. Had an appointment Friday for a NST because of low fluid levels, baby was doing fine so they wasn't worried about it. I made my next appointment for Wednesday. Sunday I woke up to cramping, a few mild contractions, and light spotting. The contractions faded away after about 2 hours and the cramping and spotting lasted through the day. Monday was more of the same. By Tuesday it all went away, but I noticed my system was starting to "clean" itself out. Then on Wednesday I woke up to more contractions and even heavier spotting. If I didn't have an appointment, then I would have been making my way to the ER, but I figured by the time I get ready it would be time for my appointment which was at 10:30 and I could just see my OB. I told DH when I got up that I think today maybe the day, so I had him to get DS bag ready and I called my mom to let her know. We left the house at about 9:45 and I was tracking my contractions on my ipod app, they were about 6 mins apart. By the time we dropped DS off and got to the appointment they were about 4 mins apart. I told the nurse that I thought I was in labor and she gave me this look like she didn't believe me, but she immediately put me in a room and told my OB. My OB came in and checked, I was 4 cm and indeed in labor, the nurse looked shocked, I guess it was because I was so calm. They paged L&D to come and get me while DH was sent down to admitting to complete the rest of my registration. Went to L&D, got hooked up to the monitors, contractions were about 3 mins apart, they gave some meds in the IV which took the edge off of the contractions. After that I lost track of time. I did request an epi so the anesthesiologist arrived about an hour later. It took him about 45 mins to get the epi in place because I had back surgery when I was 14. The OB came in around 3:00 to break my water, as soon as she started walking to wards the bed, my water broke, lol. She said that was easy. She went back to her office to see the rest of her appointments. Around 4:45 she called the RN and asked her to check me again. I was fully dilated, she instructed the RN to do a few test pushes on the next few contractions. I pushed on the next contraction and the nursed yelled for me to stop half way through. She said one more push like that and the baby would be here. She got the OB on the phone told her to come over asap. OB came in, I pushed trough one contraction and on the next one Kendra Alexis M**** was born @ 4:54PM. 6lbs 8oz. We were released Friday and everything is going good.

Here's the crazy thing, this birth story is almost the exact same as DS. I had an appointment, went in, OB said I was 4 cm, wheeled over to L&D, epi, water broke, out came DS in 2 pushes. In about the same amount of time.

Current mood: drained.

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24th July, 2010. 10:31 pm. Maybe a Yearly Thing

So I guess I will just update this thing once a year. Well, it won't be tonight, I really don't feel like typing too much right now.

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10th May, 2009. 3:51 pm. Happy Mother's Day

Okay, so once again, it has been over a year since I updated this thing. Wow!!! Where does the time go? I'll tell you where it goes, it goes into this child of mines. I can't believe I didn't do any entries when I was pregnant last year. I would have a lot to complain about then. Right now my little one is asleep in his swing, giving me a short break. "He" gave me the cutest Mother's Day card this morning. Jonathan is sleeping also, and the chyna is licking herself.

I am kind of happy about something, I'M ON VACATION!!!! Well, I really don't consider it too much of a vacation when you have to take care of an infant all day, but at least I am away from the office. We are going to Destin on Wednesday and staying for 3 days. Our first family vacation. Should be interesting considering how awful Trenton acted at the arts and craft festival.

I still can't believe I have a child.

Current mood: blank.

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