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I Got In!!!

I went to the mailbox yesterday, not thinking much about getting a letter from Bishop just yet. I thought it was coming sometime next week, but in the mailbox was a large envelope from Bishop, my heart jumped for a second. The envelope had an address from the main campus, not central where the nursing department is located. I assumed it was just some random information about registration. Well, I started to read the first line of the letter that was enclosed, it then hit me that it was indeed from the nursing department. I GOT IN!!! So, in January I start the evening classes of the associated nursing program.

OK, I'm suppose to be working on my discussion questions for Art and History, and the article for Anatomy/Physiology, and studying for my test for that class coming up Tuesday, ugggh. I really need to stop procrastinating.

Oh and Trenton is so sick. Poor baby can't even keep water down. If he's not better by tomorrow then I'll have to take him to the ER.
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